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Antler Chandeliers

Southwestern Floor Lamp with Shade

Southwestern Table Lamp with Shade

                                             Dave Sheppard  - Southwest Style Decor
                                                                              - Western Style Decor 

                                                            "Introducing & Featuring"
                                                                    One-Of-A-Kind Elk Antler Chandeliers

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    Southwest decor has been in existance for almost 10 years, trading as Southwest Style Decor & Westerm Style Decor. My style is in Western Decoration, & Southwestern Decoration.Western Home Decor & Southwest Home Decor has grown in popularity over the years. I create unique lamps, Antler lamps, & Antler chandeliers. Antler lamps are a favorite among my clients as well as my Antler Chandeliers are in demand because of their unique One-Of-A-Kind
Down Lighting & Construction.
      You probably have never seen a Style like this before, Like no other Designer has ever done!
This Special Design Creates an "Extremely Unique style of Down Lighting" from The Antlers, that Illuminates the area it’s designated for, NOT flooding the room with light. These Chandeliers Provide Warmth & Stylish Lighting that can showcase many areas of the Home, Ranch & Business, giving Beauty to your Dining Tables, Billiard Tables, Great Rooms, Entry Ways, & much more.
        Plus More One-Of-A-Kind Custom Artwork   215-651-5577
        Western Style Décor is a Custom Antler, and Woodworking Creative Art Service, that Hand Crafts One-Of-A-Kind Western and
Southwestern Specialty Lighting, such as Elk Antler Chandeliers, Specialty Commissioned Western Chandeliers, Western/Southwestern Antler Lights, and Western/Southwestern Style Candelabras. My Unique Lamps are Western Lamps and Antler Lamps that are truly an eye catcher, as well as creating warm lighting from the copper shades, that will compliment your Southwest Decor & Western Home Decor.

        Also known as Rustic Décor, or Rustic Home Décor, My Elk Antler Chandeliers, that are built with 2 sets of Elk Antlers, have brought me Notoriety because of the Unique Style that Incorporates Direct down Lighting, and Hand Made Copper Lampshades. My Antlers are Natural Sheds from Wyoming. My Antler Artwork will compliment your Rustic Southwest Home Décor,  & Western Home Decor from Lighting Chandeliers to Unique Lamps & antler Lamps. My Western & Southwestern Antler Lamps also are fitted with Handmade Copper Shades. All are individually designed with Plasma cut Artwork.

        My Western Style Lighting/Southwestern Style Lighting, & Western Furniture, Western Lamps  can also be used to Compliment your Western Office Décor, & Rustic Western Decor.
    I have many Clients who not only Commission me to Create my Style of Elk Antler Chandeliers, but Commission me to Create & Build other Styles of, One-Of-A Kind Chandeliers, that can be seen in the Chandelier category, & under “Specialties” you’ll see, Floor Lamps, Wine Bottle Holder, Crematory Box & other Western Style items of Art for the Home and Office.
   I recently have been Commissioned to build for some new Clients, Marine Corps Lamps, and some incredible Buddha Lamps, that can be seen under "NEW" the 1st tab of new lamps.   



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