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Hand crafted One-Of-A-Kind Table Lamps

 Dave Sheppard... Southwest Style Decor
 Western Style Decor 
     All of my Lamps are One-Of-A-Kind pieces of Art. They are created by me alone and NOT Mass Produced or made by an Employee.

    Shipping & Handling is via UPS & cost will be determined when I receive your zip code.
     Many Clients have Commission me to make them a Lamp or more, similar to what they see, especially to a certain size (height & depth), and with requested decoration (Spurs, Horseshoes, Antlers) & a  Style Shade of choice. If you see a Lamp you like, that is sold, I will create one as close to that  for you. Just note that all Burled Wood is different in shape and size.

    For new Lamps Commissioned  you can pick a shade of your choice of Design, Shape & Finish to suit your Taste & Style. Please refer to the "Copper Shade Design" Navigation  Button for your Choices.

antler table lamp

     #1) Whitetail on Maple Burl w' Iron
Silhouette Deer.
    Cost: $575.00

unique table lamp

    #2) Birds Eye Maple w' Whitetail Antlers,
Heavy Horseshoe Base, and Barometer.
    Cost: $425.00

one of a kind mule deer antler lamp

    #3) Large Mule Deer Antlers on 2
Curly/Birdseye Maple Burls, w' Trees & Deer,
Iron silhouettes
    Cost: $675.00

western lamp with spurs

    #4) Spurs on two Curly/Maple Burls.
    Cost:  $395.00

western style lamp
burl wood lamp

    #6) Coolibah, is an Exotic Wood from
Africa. This is created w' 2 Pieces.
    Cost: $250.00

    #5) Birdseye Maple sitting on a Free Form
Piece of Walnut, w' Spurs/Dreamcatcher.
    Cost: $450.00


Use PayPal for your deposit. Final payment will include shipping and handling required prior to delivery.

rustic antler lamp
wood burl table lamp

    b) Curly Maple Burl.
    Cost Sold: $275.00

    a) Antlers on Walnut/Maple.
    Cost Sold: $450

custom table lamp for a gift

    c) This was a Commissioned job, by a Family member of the Groom.
They wanted me to make a Lamp but I also had the idea as part of the
gift, of building what would look like a Shipping Crate, & it could be Stained,
and used as a Table for the Lamp.
    The price was just right & they Loved the idea, as did the Bride & Groom.
    It fit their Decor perfectly, & they did end up Staining it & is in their Living Room.
    The Groom said he'll never forget their Anniversary!! The Lamp is made with
Two Maple Burls separated with a Riding Stirrup.
     Cost Sold:$525.00

one of a kind table lamp

    d) Rare Exoctic Piece of Maple Burl
w' 2 lights.
    Cost Sold: $425.00

unique table lamp in crate

    e) Again, I was commissioned to Build a Lamp for a Wedding Present. I showed them the photos of what I had done before & they went for it immediately, as well it was exactly what they planned on spending on their Sisters Gift.
    The only thing they didn’t want was the stencil on the front. I understand the Couple also stained it to go with their room colors, and is used as the Lamp Table in their Rec. room.     
    The Base of the Lamp is Maple Burl in which I added an Iron Silhouette of a tree and Deer, & set of Whitetail Antlers (as seen can be a holder for a Bottle of Wine (or not). 
    Cost Sold: $675.00

whitetail antler table lamp

    f) Maple Burl with Whitetail
    Cost Sold: $300.00

whitetail antler and burl lamp

    g) Maple Burl with Whitetail

Antlers & a Dreamcatcher.

    Cost Sold: $375

pair of burl wood table lamps

    h) Pair of Unique Maple Burl Lamps.

    Cost Sold: $450.00

custom made western style lamp

    i) Maple Burl w' Rope Covered Post, Whitetail

Antlers, Horseshoe & a Dreamcatcher.

    Cost Sold: $425.00

southwest table lamp with spurs

    j) Two Birdseye Maple Burls w' Rope Post &
    Cost Sold: $375.00

western style wall sconces

    k) These 3 Wall Sconces were commissioned 
for my Clients Game room, shortly after he
ordered an Elk Antler Chandelier, that
hangs over a Southwest Billiard Table.
    The Sconces are made with Maple Burls,
Whitetail Antlers, Conchoes, leather,
& Alabaster Shades.
    Cost for all Three Sold:  $695.00

antique insulator lamp

    l) This Table Lamp was ordered from the Family who ordered the Insulator Hanging Fixtures seen on the "Specialty Chandelier" page. He liked them so mush, he asked me to make a Lamp/Nitelight for his Grandson's room.

    It has a 3 wire switch, so each light can go on individually or both together. The one has a Flicker bulb to leave on while sleeping.

    I had learned that he has old toys from when he was a child, so I asked him for a small toy car. I was able to use that as Decoration to the Lamp, so when his Grandson is older, he will learn that it was his Granddad's toy car. That will surely make him happy!